Zvērinātas advokātes Ingas Kačevskas birojs



Annual Int'l Sports Law Conference


Dr. Kačevska has participated in the 1st Annual International Sports Law Conference held in the Hague 26-27 October 2017 by Asser Institute. Distinguished speakers discussed topics that are also important for our clients covering anti-doping, FIFA transfer system, labour law and commercial arbitration

GIAC Arbitration Days 2017


Our partner Inga Kačevska took part in annual GIAC Arbitration Days held in Tbilisi, Georgia on 2-3 October 2017. She moderated one of the conference panels “Competition for Jurisdiction” where panelists discussed enforcement of option clauses and contest between courts and arbitration etc. The GIAC is Georgian International Arbitration Centre, the first Georgian International arbitration institution.

EEDRF 2017


Also this year our colleagues took part in Eastern European Dispute Resolution Forum held in Minsk 21- 22 September 2017. Forum included chain of the events, i.e., it started with seminar on innovations in the 2017 Stockholm Arbitration Institution’s Rules, followed by the colloquium on new “Prague” Evidence Rules. Forum itself gathered a lot of participants who discuss different topics, including on evidences in arbitration and litigation.

Fitness check on consumer and marketing law


Upon invitation of European Commission, Dr. Inga Kačevska together with Dr. iur cand Aleksandrs Fillers has completed the country study on fitness check of consumer and marketing law.
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Master class on ICC new arbitration rules


Our Law office sponsored and organized master class of new rules of International Chamber of Commerce International Arbitration in Riga, 1 June 1017.
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Revised ICC Arbitration Rules: Fast-Track Procedure for Small Claims


Seminar and masterclass on revised ICC Arbitration Rules will be held on 1 June 2017 in Riga. This event, sponsored by Inga Kačevska Law Office, will focus on the revised ICC Arbitration Rules and in particular on the new expedited procedure and its scope of application.
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Paris Arbitration Days


Dr. Inga Kačevska has been invited to participate in the 1st ICC Central and Eastern Europe Arbitration Group meeting held during Paris Arbitration days on 26 April 2017. The participants of the meeting discussed the activities of ICC in the region as well as gave country reports. The group will meet annually.

Vis Arbitration Moot week


During Vis Commercial Arbitration Moot week our partner Inga Kačevska not only served as arbitrator in Moot’s play-offs but also attended ICC event on the new ICC expedited arbitration rules. As has been reported new ICC rules became effective as of 1 March 2017 and inter alia it provides for expedited procedures for the claims with a value of up to USD 2 mill. Arising out of arbitration agreements concluded on or after 1 March 2017.

WAR on Arbitration in Latvia


Second edition of the World Arbitration Reporter has been recently published. Reporter includes also the chapter “Latvia” written by Dr. Gaļina Žukova and Dr. Inga Kačevska. See the chapter in “Publications”.

Our Partner elected as Associated Professor


At the end of 2016 Dr. iur Inga Kačevska was elected as Associated Professor in International Law at the University of Latvia, Faculty of Law.

Vilnius Arbitration Day 2016


Representatives of Law Office of Inga Kačevska have participated in Vilnius Arbitrations Day. The event gathered acknowledged international arbitration specialists who talked about topical themes – extension of arbitration clause to non-signatories, costs of arbitration and parties’ representatives’ role.

Eastern European Dispute Resolution Forum


Representatives of our law office participated in the first Eastern European Dispute Resolution Forum held in Minsk, Belarus on 23 September 2016. This forum is the largest practical event with the aim to discuss the most relevant trends and practices in litigation and arbitration in the CIS and Eastern Europe. Partner of our law office Inga Kačevska gave a speech on parallel litigation procedures in EU and third countries.

New publications on sports law


Latvian law journal “Jurista Vārds” has been inspired of the Rio Olympic Games and has published issue on sports law this week. Readers can find also article of Dr. Kačevska “Veni, vidi, vici? Dispute Resolution in Court of Arbitration for Sport” and Mr. Dambergs article “McLaren Independent Investigation Report and Its legal Consequences”.

European Commision's projects


In 13 June 2016 Dr. I. Kačevska attended the EU Commission’s study conference at Max Planck Institute in Luxemburg. I.Kačevska is national reporter for the project conducted by the Consortium of European Research Institutions and Experts led by the Max Planck Institute. Within this project the evaluation study of national procedural laws and practices in terms of their impact on the free circulation of judgments and on the equivalence and effectiveness of the procedural protection of consumers under EU consumer law will be prepared at the end of this year. The conference’s general aim was to obtain an overview of the contents of the national reports and compare them.
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DIS Baltic Arbitration Days 2016


5th DIS Baltic Arbitration Days were held in Riga from 2 to 3 June 2016. Dr. Kačevska was invited to present Latvia’s perspective of the relation between State courts and arbitration tribunals.

Presentation skills training for THEMIS participants


Dr. I.Kačevska conducted training on presentation skills for young Latvian judges who participates in international future magistrate’s competition THEMIS. At this year’s course our partner explained how to structure the presentation, how to choose the best arguments and how to convince the auditorium. Previously Dr. Kačevska has participated as jury member in THEMIS competition thus she knows the specifics of this moot.
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CIArb European Branch conference in Istanbul

European Branch of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators organized its annual conference “ADR in a Europe in Conflict” in Istanbul on 29-30 April 2016. Dr. Kačevska participated in this conference as well as in the meeting of the European Branch Committee.

Inga Kacevska- top arbitration expert in Latvia


Partner Inga Kačevska has been acknowledge as only top arbitration expert in Latvia by Who’s Who legal Arbitration 2016. Who’s Who makes its own expert research and publish it on annual bases and Dr. Kačevska is listed since 2010. Well done!

CIArb training in Riga


Partner of our law firm Inga Kačevska and Turkish colleague Bennar Balakaya (Law firm BennArb) conducted Introductory Course in International Commercial Arbitration which offers those professionals with little or no experience in international arbitration the first step in the Institute’s “Pathways to Fellowship” programe. Those course participants that are successful in completing the Course Assignment will be able to apply to the CIArb for Associate Membership.

New publication on European Convention


The Court of Arbitration Lewiatan has published new book “The Challenges and the Future of Commercial and Investment Arbitraiton” (Liber Amicorum Prof. J.Rajski) in 2015. One of the articles “Renaissance of the European Convention on International Commercial Arbitration” is written by Dr.Kacevska. In this article it is discussed how still topical is the convention, especially in region.

The Guidlines on Effeective Adoption, Transposition, Implementation and Application of the EU Legislation in the Area of Civil Justice


Law Office of Inga Kačevska has finalized the Guidelines and recommendations «Effective Adoption, Transposition, Implementation and Application of the EU Legislation in the Area of Civil Justice».
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Research on ECJ case law in area of civil justice


Law Office of Inga Kačevska in collaboration of researchers – Dr.iur Inga Kačevska, Dr.iur Baiba Rudevska, Dr.iur Arnis Buka, Mārtiņš Dambergs and Aleksandrs Fillers and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia and European Commission has finished the Research on the Court of Justice of the European Union and the Impact of Its Case Law in the Area of Civil Justice on National Judicial and Administrative Authorities.
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Training for participatn of THEMIS judge's competition


Dr. Kačevska trained new Latvian judges who this year will be participating in the European Judicial Training Networks’ THEMIS competition. Inga herself was jury member at THEMIS in 2012 held in Bucharest, Romania thus her advice was very useful to team members. We od luck to the team!

Article on the mandatory list of arbitrators


The Partner of our Law Office dr. Inga Kačevska spoke at the conference “Jurisprudence and Culture: Past lessons and Future Challenges” organized by Faculty of Law, University of Latvia in the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the Faculty. Her topic was “Appointment of Arbitrator from the List: the Crossroads of the Legal Culture”. Faculty has published article of Dr. Kacevska with the same title in its conference review.

Presentation Skills Workshop


Chartered Institute of Arbitrators has invited Inga Kačevska to hold the Presentation Skills Workshop for the Young members Group. The workshop was held in Allen&Overy London Law Office on 31 October 2014. After workshop the trainers and participants participated in the reception hold by Hon. the Lord Goldsmith in House of Lords.

Dr. Kačevska gives her opinion in the hearing of Consitutional Court


Constitutional Court of Latvia held a hearing in the case On Compliance of Section 495(1) of the Civil Procedure Law with the first sentence in Article 92 of the Satversme of the Republic of Latvia”. This case discusses the competence-competence principal in national arbitration law. Dr. Kačevska was invited as summoned person to give her expertise on this issue in 29 October 2014.

New publication: "Commentaries of Civil Procedure Law. Part III"


In 21 October 2014 new book “Commentaries on Civil Procedure Law. Part III” was opened. Partner of our Law Firm is co-author of part D “Arbitration” of the Civil Procedure Law and author of the part on recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards. This commentary is promised to be bestseller of the legal literature this year in Latvia.

Projects on application of EU law and ECJ case law in civil matters


Law Office of Inga Kačevska was entrusted to fulfill two projects by Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Latvia and European Commission – development of the Research “The European Court of Justice and the impact of its case law in the area of civil justice to national judicial and administrative authorities” and Recommendations and Guidelines “Effective adoption, transposition, implementation and application of the European Union legislation in the area of civil justice”. The Researchers will organize round tables and will conduct tête-à-tête interviews with lawyers from different Member states. Within the Projects four study visits will be organized to Hungary, UK, Germany and Sweden. The first interviews with judges, state officials and other lawyers were conducted in Latvia on 14-15 October 2014.

Juridica Int'l publishes series of articles on Consumer Credits


University of Tartu Press has published article “A strict Regulatory Framework for SMS Credit and Its Effectiveness in Latvia” by I.Kačevska in its journal Juridica No 22 (2014). Publication is part of the project involving Baltic and Scandinavian lawyers discussing the legal framework of fast instant loans and they share and reflect upon their national experience in the particular issue of the journal.

Dr. Kačevska will be Head of Working Group during the Latvia's Presidency


Inga Kačevska has concluded Agreement with the Ministry of Justice for assistance within the time of Latvia’s Presidency. Dr. Kačevska will head the Latvia’s Working Group of the Proposal for European Parliament and Council Regulation on Common European Sales Law. She will chair the commission working group meetings during Presidency thus Inga Kačevska attended working group meeting in Brussels on 1 October 2014.

Coordinating meeting at ERA


Dr. Inga Kačevska attended the coordinating meeting of the Project Using EU Civil Justice Instruments at Academy of European Law in Trier, 8-10 September 2014. As Dr Kačevska was appointed as National Expert from Latvia, she helped to develop the training materials for cross-border civil litigation and conflict of laws in the meeting. The training materials will be translated in Latvian and the first national seminar based on those materials will be conducted in 2015.

III DIS Baltic Arbitration Days


Dr. Kačevska has given presentation on Interpretation of New York convention in Latvian courts at II DIS Baltic Arbitration Days 2014 “International enforcement of arbitral awards. Arbitration in transport and shipping related disputes” Arbitration days was held 26-27 June 2014.

Arbitration on the Crossroad


08.05.2014 Dr. Kačevska took part in Vilnius Arbitration Day 2014 „Arbitration on the Crossroad: Eastern and Western Experience and Challenges” and she gave presentation on “Ethics and party representation in international arbitration” focusing on new IBA Guidelines Representation in International Arbitration.

European Small claims procedure workshop


Inga Kačevska participate in two day's workshop on European Small Claims procedure organized by Academy of European Law in Brussels. ERA has developed e-learning tool for this procedure and the workshop aimed to get to introduce the trainers with this new instrument.

8 th Riga Vis pre-moot


Dr. Inga Kačevska organized Riga Commercial arbitration pre-moot for eight time at University of Latvia during 20 – 22 February 2014. The pre-moot was opened by the conference “Advocacy in International Arbitration” and welcoming speeches were delivered by the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Latvia Baiba Broka and Chairman of the European branch of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Bennar Balkaya. The conference was followed by the pre-moot pleadings where 9 teams from Germany, Estonia, Turkey, Finland, Russia and Belorussia participated.

Recognition and execution of default judgments under Brussels I regulation


Dr. Inga Kačevska together with Dr. Baiba Rudevska presented their joint presentation on “Execution and Recognition of Default Judgments Under the Brussels I Regulation” at University’s of Latvia scientific conference on 14 February 2014. In the presentation the European Court of Justice case No C-619/10 (so-called “Trade Agency” case) and relevant Latvian court case was examined. The presentation will be published in the scientific journal of University.

I.Kačevska appointed in ICSID Panel of Arbitrators


7 January 2014 Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia has designated Dr.iur Inga Kačevska in the Panel of Arbitrators under Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes between States and Nationals of Other States.

New Article on NY Convention


European Scientific institute has published article „Procedure and Documents under Articles III and IV of New York Convention on Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards: Comparative Practice of Latvia and Georgia” written by S.Tkemaladze and I.Kačevska.
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International Forum in Minsk


Attorney at Law Inga Kačevska participated in the International Lawyer’s Forum on Attorney at Law Inga Kačevska participated in the International Lawyer’s Forum on International Commercial Arbitration and International Trade Law held in Minsk, Belarus, 29.11.2013. She gave presentation on the topic – how pedagogical and academic life of arbitrator influences his/her independence in the proceedings. Following forum the ICC Lex mercatoria moot court for Russian speaking students was organized from 29 November to 2 December 2013. This year I.Kačevska participated as arbitrators judging also final round.
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Dr. Inga Kačevska - the best arbitration specialist in Latvia


Attorney at Law Inga Kačevska is named as only international commercial arbitration expert by Who’sWhoLegal in 2014. This is already third time our Partner has been nominated as leading specialist of arbitration in Latvia. Who’sWhoLegal publication is based on research; it is not bought entry. More information at www.whoswholegal.com.

Global Arbitration Review publication


Journal “Global Arbitration Review” has published The European, Middle Eastern and African Arbitration Review of 2014 which also includes chapter on Latvia written by our Attorney of Law Inga Kačevska. The article is available at GAR website or can be downloaded from our website, section “Publications”.

Fruitful visit to Georgia


During the business trip to Georgia partner of our Law Office Inga Kačevska together with Georgian colleague Sophie Tkemaladze gave a presentation on join research regarding the application of Articles III and IV of New York Convention on Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards at 1st Eurasian Multidisciplinary Forum held in 26 October 2013. Moreover in 28 October I.Kačevska was invited to the conference “Mediation and Arbitration – Global Developments organized by the Tbilisi State University’s Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution. She gave presentation on qualification requirements for mediators and arbitrators.

Mediation training in Kaliningrad


Dr Kačevska provided two days training for the mediators at Baltic Centre of Mediation and Conflictology established under the Baltic Fishing Fleet Sate Academy in Kaliningrad, Russia. If at 14 October training was mostly devoted to the main phases of mediation and mediators role then in the next day the trainees had role-plays, discussions and other practical exercises.

Consumer Credit conference in Tallinn


University of Tartu organized international seminar „Consumer Credit in Nordic-Baltic Area – from SMS loans to responsible lending?” held in Tallinn, 26 September 2013. Experts from region, including the partner of our law firm I. Kačevska, shared with their experience, the case law and recent changes in law concerning consumer credits. The vent was very successful and as there is great interest regarding this field law, the University of Tartu has decided to publish reports from the conference.

Conference on Small Claims Procedure in Vilnius


As part of Lithuanian Presidency the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania together with the European Commission and in cooperation with the Academy of European Law co-organized a conference “European Small Claims Procedure – How Civil Law Instruments Serve the Interests of EU Citizens” 12-13 September 2013. This two-day conference in Vilnius focused on the practical importance of European Small Claims Procedure and provide for an opportunity to discuss possible proposals for the amendment to the Regulation. Dr. iur Inga Kačevska gave a presentation regarding Latvian case law in applying Regulation No. 861/2007 and popularized the Baltic experts’ Research on European Procedures.

Workshop on Bench Book development


Partner Inga Kačevska was invited to moderate the workshop „Judges’ Bench Book Innovations: Improving Bench Book Development and Integration Into Practice” organized by Hungarian Academy of Justice and CEELI Institute. The workshop took place in Budapest, Hungary on 4-5 July 2013 and was attended by the judges from four different countries. The development of bench book for civil and criminal procedures as well as for judicial ethics and independence was discussed.

Presentation of Research


The Research on Practical Application of European Union Regulations Relating to European Union Level Procedure in Civil Cases: the Experience in Baltic States" conducted by Law Office of Inga Kačevska was presented to Estonian lawyers in Tallinn and Tartu on 21 and 22 May 2013. Also training relating European procedures was provided within this project. The similar presentation and training was provided also in Vilnius on 27 and 28 May 2013.

research on European procedures


Law Office of Inga Kačevska with request of the Ministry of Justice has conducted Research on Practical Application of European Union Regulations Relating to European Union Level Procedure in Civil Cases: the Experience in Baltic States". The aim of research was to evaluate and analyse practical application of Regulation (EC) No 805/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 April 2004 creating a European Enforcement Order for uncontested claims, Regulation (EC) No 861/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 July 2007 establishing a European Small Claims Procedure, Regulation (EC) No 1896/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 December 2006 creating a European order for payment procedure. The Research was conducted by five Baltic researchers. The Research has three parts – Latvia, Lithuania and Estonian, each part is conducted in each state’s language as well as English. See our web page’s folder” Publications”.

Training workshope and research on EU civil procedures


Ministry of Justice of Latvia in collaboration with the European Commission organized training course for judges and attorneys “Cross-border litigation in civil cases: European Payment Order, European Enforcement Order and European Small Claims” on 29-30 May 2013. The training course was moderated by Partner of our law office Inga Kačevska. She also presented the Office’s research on “Practical application of EU regulations on EU civil procedures: experience of the Baltic States”

Annual conference of CIArb European Bracnh


European Branch of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators celebrated its 20 anniversary with annual conference held in Tremezzo, Lake Como, Italy in 19 and 20 April 2013. Dr. Kačevska chaired the panel “Twenty Years of Change in Post Soviet Europe”. Panelist coming from former Soviet Bloc elaborated on the changes in dispute resolution systems in last two decades in the Ukraine, Latvia, Poland and Georgia.

Mooting in Vienna


Also for this year as for the past ten years attorney Inga Kačevska coaches Willem Vis commercial arbitration moot team of the University of Latvia. This time Latvia’s team performance was very successful gaining the honorable mentioned for the best orator and respondent’s memo. Dr. Kačevska also participates as arbitrator in Vienna moot.

Office supports Riga Vis pre-moot!


Law Office of Inga Kačevska in collaboration with other partners organized Riga 7th Vis pre-moot. The pre-moot events were opened with the legal battle on 22 February 2013 moderated by our partner Dr. Kačevska. On 22 and 23 February general rounds of pre-moot was held. More information can be found here http://www.jf.lu.lv/eng/news/t/16532/

New perspective of trade usages is discovered in Georgia!


As the member of European Branch of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Inga Kačevska took part in 2nd Tbilisi Pre-moot: preparation for Willem C. Vis Int’l Commercial Arbitration Moot organized in Georgia, 15-17 February 2013. At the opening conference “Cross – border Sales: Is There a Unified Legal Framework?” she also gave the presentation “The New Perspective on Trade Usages”.

Annual Scietific Conference of University of Latvia


University of Latvia organized annual scientific conference on 8 February 2013. International Private Law session was lead by Inga Kačevska and it was devoted to 20th anniversary of International and European Law Department of the Faculty of Law. Dr. Kačevska also gave presentation on “International private law in Latvia within 20 years”.

Training course in Estonia


Attorney at Law Inga Kačevska was invited to moderate the training courses on „Cross-border judicial cooperation in civil matters: tools provided by regulations on taking evidence and service of documents” hold in Tartu and Tallinn, Estonia on 24-25 January 2013. The courses were organized by the Ministry of Justice of Latvia and Estonia with cooperation of European Commission and the courses were attended by many judges and lawyers.

Establishment of Latvian National Committee of Int'l Academy of Comparative Law


International Academy of Comparative Law has established Latvia’s National Committee and our Partner Inga Kačevska is contact person. The International Academy of Comparative Law was founded at The Hague on 13 September 1924 and it plays a great law in facilitating researches in comparative law.

Season's Greetings


Our law office wishes clients, friends and colleagues Happy Holidays!
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I.Kačevska - leader of commercial arbitration in Latvia


Who’sWhoLegal:Commercial Arbitration 2013 published leading arbitration experts’ list and our law firm’s attorney I.Kačevska has been nominated as the best in Latvia. The list is made by analyzing the opinions of law firms and clients. This nomination Dr.Kačevska receives already for the third year.

Global Arbitration Review publishes chapter on Latvian arbitration


Global Arbitration Review has published European, Middle Eastern and African Arbitration Review 2013 with chapter on Latvia provided by Law Office of Inga Kačevska. An extract from The European, Middle Eastern and African Arbitration Review 2013 - a Global Arbitration Review special report – can be found here: http://www.globalarbitrationreview.com/reviews/50/sections/173/chapters/1934/latvia/.

Secience expert rights


On 28 November 2012 Latvian Council of Science has assigned the expert rights in Legal Science to I.Kačevska. Now Dr. Kačevska has rights inter alia to provide assessment of other scientific projects and works.

ICC Lex Mercatoria moot in Minsk and the winning team


Our firm’s Partner trained the Latvian University team for ICC Lex mercoatira moot in Minsk held in 23-26 November 2012. The moot problem concerned international trade and arbitration and the hearings were held in Russian. The Latvian team won the competition and became the first winner team of the Moot.

Training in Cross border divorce and maintenace


Inga Kačevska has participated in cross border training the trainers workshop “Cross-border divorce and maintenance: jurisdiction and applicable law” held in Brussels 24-26 October 2012 and organized by ERA.

„UNIDROIT – the Bridge between Different Legal Cultures”


Latvian weekly journal “Lawyers Word” published Inga Kačevska’s and Gatis Litvins’ interview with UNIDROIT President, Secretary- General and former Secretary General. In the interview the development of International Private Law is discussed, including the success of the UNIDROIT International Commercial Contract Principles etc.

Article on the quality of norms of the Latvian Civil Procedure Law relating recognition of foreign arbitral awards


Dr. Kačevska’s article „The Quality of Part 78 of the Latvian Civil Procedure Law and its Importance in Recognizing and Enforcing the Foreign Arbitral Awards” is published in the conference material book “The Quality of Legal Acts and its Importance in Contemporary Legal Space” by University of Latvia.

Conference on the Quality of Legal Acts


Latvian University organized International Scientific Conference “The Quality of Legal Acts and its Importance in Contemporary Legal Space” in 3-5 October 2012. Inga Kačevska chaired second private law session devoted to international private law questions. The session was opened by well-known arbitration specialist Domenico Di Pietro. Dr. Kačevska continued with presentation on the quality of the Latvian domestic procedural rules and practice in recognizing and enforcing foreign arbitral awards.

Training for Belarusian lawyers on arbitration


The four day intensive training „Conducting International arbitration case” for the practitioners was held in Minsk, Belarus 26-29 June 2012. I.Kačevska led the training on challenge, recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards. Mostly, our attorney showed the examples of her practice, where Belarus and Latvian parties in arbitration was involved.

New article on due process in arbitration


Dr. Kačevskas new article ”Due process understanding in New York Convention on foreign arbitral awards” was published in “Legal Assurance of Innovations”, the collection of articles published by the University of Latvia. The paper in detailed discusses the interpretation of Article V, part 1 b) of the New York Convention with particular stress on application of the term “defend its case” in the Latvian court practice.

Forum Shopping lecture in Minsk


I.Kačevska took part in international summer university „Harmonization of National Legal Systems and Regional Integration” held in Minsk, Belarus. Students from France, Germany, Russia and Baltic States took part in the summer university. Dr. Kačevska gave lecture on „Forum Shopping in EU and the Competence of the courts” that raised wide discussions.

New article on Applicable Legal Norms in International Arbitration Procedure


University of Latvia has published the collection of articles “Harmonization of Law in Baltic Sea Region after Expansion of EU". Dr. Kačevska's article on “Applicable Legal Norms in International Arbitration Procedure” is included in this publication. The author gives example of the hypothetical case when a foreign offshore company sues a Lithuanian- registered company seeking compensation of damages in one of the arbitrations in Latvia. The article shows how procedural aspects of the cases changes depending on applicable rules. For example, if rules of lex loci arbitri, namely, Civil Procedure Law of Latvia is applied then if parties have not agreed on language of proceedings the Latvian shall be the language of process.

Juror at THEMIS competition


Dr Kacevska was appointed as one of three jurors by the Secretary General for the European Judicial Training Network’s THEMIS competition’s semi-finals held in Bucharest, Rumania. THEMIS Competition created, financed and run by the Portuguese Centre for Judiciary Studies, the National Institute of Magistracy of Romania with the support of both EJTN and the Council of Europe through its Lisbon Network. THEMIS is addressed to the trainees of all institutions and schools responsible for training the European magistracy, whether as judges or prosecutors and is designed to give participants an opportunity not only of entering into stimulating and competitive debate with members of similar schools but also to meet others in training in different countries and to learn about, or to improve knowledge of, the different systems that exist within Europe. Dr. Kacevska together with other jurors evaluated judges’ teams written papers on the subjects concerning International Cooperation in Civil Matters and Interpretation inter alia Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction; EU Small Claims Regulation, Principle of “res judicata”. At the next stage jurors assessed the teams’ oral presentations, including quality, originality of the performance, references to the relevant cases law and in-depth analyses as well as use of modern techniques. Then jurors conducted the discussions with each team after their presentation. The competition was excellent opportunity both for young judges and prosecutors and the jurors.

Civil Law Moot


ESLA Latvia with collaboration of University of Latvia organized IV civil law moot court. This year moot problem concerned international private law thus our attorney Inga Kačevska was invited to judge the semi final of Moot.
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CIArb's European Branch AGM & Conference


CIArb's European Branch AGM & Conference 2012 was held in Madrid on April 20-21, 2012. This year the conference addressed the recent changes in arbitration and mediation that are currently taking place across the continent. Inga Kačevska was invited to lead panel discussion and debate on whether the drafting the arbitral award is considered to be an art… or science… or common sense. Panelists included very well know arbitration specialists, especially in Eastern Europe: J.Sekolec (Austria/Slovenia), V.Bernatonis (Lithuania), G.Žukova (ICC, France), R.Zykov (Russia) and A.Anischenko (Belarus). The conference was attended by over 30 speakers from 18 European countries. More information: http://ciarb-europeanbranch.com

Research on EU Level procedures


Our Law Office has won public procurement “Research on Practical Application of EU Regulations Relating to EU Level Procedure in Civil Cases: the Experience in Baltic States” announced by the Ministry of Justice of Republic of Latvia. The research will cover three EU regulations: Regulation No.805/2004 creating a European Enforcement Order for uncontested claims, Regulation No.1896/2006 creating a European order for payment procedure and Regulation No.861/2007 establishing a European Small Claims Procedure. The aim of the Research is to create the handbook and offer guidance for facilitation and qualitative application of the mentioned Regulations in future in all three Baltic States. Five highly qualified researchers work on this project.

New Broom Sweeps Clean: Time to Reform Latvian Arbitration Regime


This international conference “New Broom Sweeps Clean: Time to Reform Latvian Arbitration Regime” aimed to explore potential adoption of the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration as the national regulation of arbitration in Latvia. One of the most prominent speakers in the conference was Mr. Jernej Sekolec, former Secretary of UNCITRAL and Vice President of London Court of International Arbitration. In this conference partner Inga Kačevska of our law office gave the presentation on Suitability of Latvian Civil Procedure Law for Proper Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards discussing the gaps in the part 78 of the Civil Procedure Law and the conflicting case law applying the legal norms on enforcement of foreign arbitral awards.

Meeting with Minister of Justice of Latvia


Partner of our law office met with Minister of Justice on 29 February 2012. The meeting was organized by the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry to discuss the topical issues such as insolvency and commercial legal regulation and arbitration environment. I. Kačevska informed the minister on the further necessity to amend the arbitration law.

Conference in Tbilisi, Georgia


Inga Kačevska was invited to give a presentation in the international conference “Contemporary Issues in Commercial Arbitration: International and Georgian Perspective” held at 24 February 2012 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Dr. Kacevska spoke about Arbitration Clauses in the Corporation – Individual Context, Problems and Current Trends.

I.Kačevska - the best commercial arbitration expert in Latvia


Again Inga Kačevska has been nominated as the best Latvian commercial arbitration expert by Who’sWhoLegal 2012. Who’sWhoLegal has revealed 568 arbitrators in 77 jurisdictions in their research but only 82 individuals were picked out. Inga Kačevska is only one nominated for Latvia. She was also nominated in 2010 and 2011. Skatīt: http://www.whoswholegal.com/profiles/34725/0/Kacevska/inga-kacevska/

I.Kačevska - international consultant in Tajikistan


Inga Kačevska as an international consultant participated in Helvetas project Support to the Judicial Training Center in Tajikistan. The objective of the consultancy was to coach and mentor the Judicial Training Center of Tajikistan in the development of the effective systems, planning, and implementation of the training for the judges and judges interns in Tajikistan.

Photo exhibition of the Partner


The Embassy of Georgia to the Republic of Latvia and the Natural Mineral Water Borjomi opened the photo exhibition “Discover Georgia”. The photos are taken also by our partner Inga Kačevska while visiting the partner law firm in Georgia. The photos depict different cities of Georgia, as well as the beautiful landscape of Mountains and Seaside. The exhibition is opened in Galleria Riga (7th floor) as from July 17 – August 9, but in Spice – August 10-19 and Alfa - August 20 - September 20.

Conducting Arbitration Process: Science or Art?!


This international arbitration conference organized inter alia by our law office will be held on 11 March 2011 in Riga

Latvia's Arbitration Expert


Who’swholegal has published The International Who’s Who of Commercial Arbitration 2011 and Dr. Inga Kačevska was acknowledged as only expert on international commercial law in Latvia.

Our Partner trains judges


Inga Kačevska gave a lecturer on International trade law to judges in the Latvian Judicial Training centre. The lecture was well attended and raised a great discussion.

Our Partner trains prosecutors


Dr. Inga Kačevska gave a lecture on the international civil procedure to the prosecutors. There are many topical questions in the international civil procedure therefore it was chosen to focus on the legal consequences using forum shopping.

I.Kačevska is acknowledged as the Lawyer of the Week


The only Latvian legal journal Lawyers Word (“Jurista Vārds”) has nominated I. Kačevska as the Lawyer of the Week.

Partner I. Kacevska is now Dr.iur


Partner I. Kacevska has defended her thesis on International Commercial Arbitration in 29.10.2010 and received PhD in legal science.

Summer school in Italy


I. Kačevska lectured on consumers and arbitration in the summer school of Udine Univeristy, Italy. The summer school gathered students from five different countries and it was held as from 20 July till 30 July, 2010.

Advocate Kačevska became a Patron


Latvian Sworn Advocates Council admitted the advocates’ assistant Signe Bičule (Patron: sworn advocate I. Kačevska).

We won the case!


The Supreme Court of Latvia rendered decision on the enforcement and execution of foreign arbitral award in the case SKC – 395 in favor of law firm’s client - Belarus company. Number of controversial questions on international civil procedure was raised during the case. Namely, the Civil Procedure Law of Latvia and application thereof by courts upon recognizing foreign arbitral awards is inconsistent and the law fails to cover all the required elements, for instance, it does not expressly stipulate regarding what court decisions an ancillary complaint may be submitted and what is the operative part of the decision. The court interpreted the Civil Procedure Law, applied New York Convention and enforced the foreign arbitral award.

I.Kačevska - arbitration expert!


Who’s Who Legal Commercial Arbitration 2010 has nominated Inga Kačevska as only arbitration expert in Latvia. The research has revealed 535 experts in 66 jurisdictions who can truly be considered leaders in the field. It is not possible to buy entry into this publication, nominees have been selected based upon comprehensive and independent survey. For more information see www.whoswholegal.com.

Tajikistan welcomes I.Kačevska again


I.Kacevska as international expert repeatedly visited Tajikistan and helped local Judicial Training center in drafting the Strategic Plan for the next couple years. The projects is supported by Swiss organization Helvetas.

I.Kačevska is consulting World Bank


Inga Kačevska met with the experts of World Bank visiting in Latvia. The World Bank is preparing the report on the improvement of the business environment in Latvia. Special interest of the experts was regarding the development of commercial arbitration and mediation.

I.Kačevska became the Committee member of CIAr European Chapter


See more info http://www.european-arbitrators.org

I.Kačevska works in Tajikistan!


Inga Kačevska as an international expert is involved in the project “Support to the Judicial Training Center in Tajikistan to develop a Strategic Plan” supported by international organization Helvetas. In the frame of the project I. Kačevska visited Tajikistan 7.-15.06.2009 and had various meetings with representatives of judiciary, Ministry of Justice and attorneys as well as she worked closely with staff of the Judicial Training Center. After the assessment visit she will continue to advice the Judicial Training Center via email communication. I.Kačevska worked as the Director of Latvian Judicial Training center for 5 years therefore her experience is very much appreciated in abroad.

Arbitration in Belarus


Arbitration Court at the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry celebrated its 15 anniversary with interregional conference East- west: development of International Arbitration in European and CIS countries. I. Kacevska introduced the participants of the conference with the development of international arbitration in Latvia. The conference was attended by representatives and arbitrators from Poland, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Sweden, Austria, France, and Ukraine.

Viss moot


University of Latvia team coached by Inga Kacevska has successfully participated in the Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot.

Baltic Yearbook of International Law


New Volume of Baltic Yearbook of International Law (Vol.8, 2008) is out! It is devoted to Arbitration in the Baltics: Contemporary Issues and you can find I. Kačevska’s article on An Arbitration Agreement in Latvian Arbitration Environment.

Helsinki pre moot


University of Latvia team of Vis commercial arbitration moot and their coach Inga Kačevska participated in Helsinki pre-moot. Pre- moot was held in three law offices Castren&Shelman, Hannes Snellman un Rochier and the Latvian team met with teams of Saint Petersburg, Lapland, Bratislava and Helsinki.

Riga Pre - moot


I. Kačevska has organized annual Vis commercial arbitration pre- moot in Riga. This year 35 students from Minsk, Tartu, Tbilisi and Riga took part. Lawyers from Germany (Susanne Kratzsch), UK (Julian Holloway and Andrew Burr), Lithuania (Renata Beržanskiene and Vilius Bernatonis), Belarus (Aliaksei Anischchanka and Aliaksandr Danlevich), Georgia (Sofio Tkemaladze), Ukraine (Oksana Matushevska) and Latvia (Lauris Liepa, Maija Volkova, Elina Umbraško, Andrejs Sabluks, Liena Rubene, Inese Druviete, Lģia Fjodorova) kindly agreed to arbitrate during the pre- moot. Event was supported by University Latvia, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and Law Office of Inga Kačevska

International Civil Procedure Law: topical issues in Latvia


I. Kačevska gives lecture on International Civil Procedure Law in annual scientific conference of University of Latvia. The topic covers the problems of parallel processes in the court and arbitration, applicability of lis alibi pendens and res judicata tests.

ICC International Arbitration in Russia


ICC held the seminar in Moscow
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Minsk - legal practice and business


Influence of legal practice to business was a topic of conference in Minsk.
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A Modern European Perspective on Dispute Resolution


Conference in Hague
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Conference on Topical Questions in Civil Procedure


Ministry of Justice organized Scientific Conference on Civil Procedure
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European Civil Law Day


International Private Law was the topic for this year European Civil Day seminar.
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I.Kacevska becomes MCIArb


I.Kacevska becomes member of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in 29.08.2008

Meeting with Minister of Justice


Inga Kačevska and three other arbitration specialists met with Minister of Justice in 18.09.2008.
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Successfully held arbitration seminar


Successfully held arbitration seminar organized by I. Kacevska Law Office and CIA.
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International Arbitration Seminar


International Arbitration Seminar will be held in Liepaja 29.08.2008
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International Arbitration: Is Russia Different?


International conference was held in Moscow, 26 - 28 June, 2008.
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Seminar in Minsk


Attorney at Law Inga Kacevska gave the lecture on debt recovery in EU held in Minsk, Belarus 06.06.2008.



RisolviOnline is new ADR project
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